Information de l' Employé

Date de Naissance: 4 mai 1947

Genre: Masculin

Tél: +243 813 176 063

Email Address:

Status de l' Employé

Status: Marié

Position: Personnel Académique et Scientifique

Type de position: Permanent

Service: Faculté d`agronomie

Fonction: Doyen

Grade: Professeur Ordinaire

Noms de l'Institution Année Diplome Obtenu
Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques à Kisangani et Institut International d`Agriculture Tropicale (I.I.T.A.) à Ibadan (Nigeria) 1993 Doctorat en en Sciences Agronomiques
Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques à Kisangani et Institut International d`Agriculture Tropicale (I.I.T.A.) à Ibadan (Nigeria). 1991 Diplôme d`Etudes Supérieures (D.E.S.) en Agronomie
Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques à Yangambi. 1979 Diplôme d`Ingénieur Agronome,


I. Brève biographie

Economic Entomologist by training. Professor at the faculty of Agriculture, UCB from 1997 until now and currently the Dean of the faculty (since 2002); previously professor at Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques (IFA) at Kisangani (1993-1998), Professor and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Agriculture,  Université Evangélique en Afrique,  Bukavu, DRC, from November 1995 to May1998 and UN volunteer for Rwanda (1997-2001).

I have engaged in research for development in the broad fields, especially Entomology, Crop production, Crop protection and Soil fertility. More than 20 years in teaching and research experience.

Co promoter of 6 Ph D theses, among them 3 completed; promoter of 1 M. Sc thesis and co promoter of 3 M. Sc thesis.

Member of following professional societies: Entomological Society of America, African Association of Insect Scientists, African Crop Science Society, Collaborator of EARNET and ECABREN, National Association of “Ingénieurs agronomes”.

Fluent  in french, English and Swahili.

Participation in many conferences and seminars.

Leader of 5 international funded projects (VLIR and CIALCA, Eucord, Ruforum) where I have proficiently worked under multidisciplinary, multicultural and multiracial environments and have experience working with several stakeholders.

 Co Investigator in 2 international consultancies. Published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals. 

II. Champs d’expertise

  • Entomologie agricole économique
  • Défense des végétaux


III. Enseignements (cours en charge)

- Entomologie générale et agricole spéciale

- Entomologie forestière

      - Défense des végétaux

      - Questions spéciales de phytotechnie

      - Méthodologie de la recherche

      - Phytotechnie spéciale 

Adresse: adresse bugabo 02, Av. de la Mission, Commune de Kadutu Bukavu RD Congo
Tel : (+243) 993031592, 991585658